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bleh bleh bleh

does it look like right? or too girlish?

i have some more but bleh ill put them up later.
that one is the girls jean jacket. it was one of the persons who have set the concert up too. i grabbed her jacket and she grabbed my alkaline trio sweater. so we traded i think.

so i was one of the people who set this little sheendig up. it was about 8 bands i think and it happened on a day some of you would call october 15 2004. but it was great except that it was like a 100 to rent the place. and we had to clean right after it. everything was great until someone shitted on the urinals in boys restroom. so yeah i volunteered to clean it up. i was the only boy really out of the promoters. so yeah i had to be a man! hehehe. so i grabbed like i emptied a bag of cheetos and got a cardboard piece to put inside the cheetos and then another box to full the plastic bag where the cheetos of bag that would be covered with shit.

it smelled so bad, i thought the cardboard that i had would make it hard for me to feel the poo, cause just thinking about it made me wanna throw up. and yeah it didnt but i got the poo out and then put the whole thing down and in the plastic and cardboard. and i ran out about to freakin throw up. but i didnt. OMG it sucked and the bad part that it was probably one of the band's friend or the band themseleves who did that. the band didnt get to play. theyre a bunch of pot smokers and u stuff. but therye good friends. but i mean they just cant be assholes like that and think its ok. so yeah my friends had to pull the plug on them!

some other ugly pics

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