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Application =)

Section 1
Name: Kailey
Age: 14
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Hobbies/Interests: Playing guitar, playing soccer, listening to music, quading, horseback riding, having friends over, writing, going to the mall, shopping, going to concerts, being weird, jumping off bridges haha - you'd have to really know me to understand, and o0o so much more.
Sexual Preference: I am currently straight lol =)

Section 2

Top 5 Bands/Artists
1. Led Zeppelin
2. Pink Floyd
3. TBS
4. Something Corporate
5. Guns n Roses

Top 4 Favorite Movies

1. Empire Records
2. Moulin Rouge
3. Cruel Intentions
4. Mean Girls

Top 3 Favorite Songs

1. "Bonus Mosh Pt. 2" by Taking Back Sunday
2. "Konstantine" by Something Corporate
3. "Anarchy In The UK" by The Sex Pistols

Top 2 Favorite Foods

2. Chicken Noodle Soup =P haha

1 Reason why you want to be in this community

1. Well, I've been scrolling through you're community and it seems that people are really nice here, and pretty active. I want to be part of an active community, and like all the other communities I am in, I will promote my ass off. =)

Section 3

Post a picture of something/someone you love:
My NY crew.

Make us laugh:

How did you find out about this community? I was just doing random searches and this community seemed verrry interesting =)

Promote us to 1 other community or lj user:http://www.livejournal.com/users/cuteepy32/42399.html?view=173727#t173727

What is your favorite animal?, paint a picture of it and post it:

K I can't draw for shit, and my camera was not working. =( but i do love giraffes :-D


You MUST have a 100x100 picture. **I don't really know how to do that so if one of the mods would maybe help me out and resize my second picture to make it 100x100 or whichever one is easiest**
2 Body Shots, and 3 Face Shots. Thank You.

gray sweatshirt

w/ the phone

Post pictures of your favorite celebrities:

Ewan Mcgregor is SO fine!

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