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Section 1
melissa [nicknames: liss, lissa, lissie]
Age: 14
Location: 732 - jersey
Hobbies/Interests: field hockey, swimming, lacrosse, music, my boyfriend =]
Sexual Preference: straight.

 Section 2

Top 5 Bands/Artists
ashlee simpson
2. fall out boy
3. dashbaord confessional
4. maroon 5
5. the starting line

Top 4 Favorite Movies
what a girl wants [wow, im a dork. lol]
2. grease
3.  coyote ugly
4. save the last dance

Top 3 Favorite Songs
broken - seether ft. amy lee
2. i'll be - edwin mccaine
3.  slow motion - juvenille [ thats just right now - my boyfriend got me to love it! lol]

Top 2 Favorite Foods
pasta =]
2. bbq chicken!

1 Reason why you want to be in this community
  because i will be an active member! i will vote and as much as possible, promote!
 Section 3

Post a picture of something/someone you love:

my boyfriend, kyle <333


Make us laugh:

at field hockey camp, my best friend anya and i were so pathetic and bored, we re-wrote the chorus to "lean back" to fit the "fieldhockey" standards. whoa, we are losers. lol


How did you find out about this community?: i was searching and happily came across it!

Promote us to 1 other community or lj user:

What is your favorite animal?, paint a picture of it and post it:

 yeah, tahts a cat. sorry, the sizing got all messy!



beachin it!

 me and my best friend brian <33


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